SunshineCTF 2023 Rules

  1. An in-person prize will be given to the top scoring in-person team at the end of BSides Orlando. To qualify as “in-person”, at least 50% of the team must be present and complete an in-person verification with the organizers.
  2. A First Place prize will be given out to the top scoring team at the end of the overall competition. Restricted to US players unless otherwise stated.
  3. No attacking competition infrastructure. The in-scope domain for all challenges is Any exceptions to this will be provided in challenge descriptions.
  4. No interfering with or flag-sharing with other teams.
  5. Do not share challenge details, solutions, flags, or other secrets outside of your team.
  6. Do not use automated scanners or DOS challenge infrastructure. None of the challenges require brute force scanning challenge infrastructure. It won’t help you.
  7. Use the #helpdesk channel in Discord to ask any questions about the CTF. Competition organizers will not reply to DMs. You must use the helpdesk system.
  8. Dynamic scoring is in place, expect point values to decrease dependent on solve counts.
  9. Have Fun and feel free to reach out via the helpdesk system for any and all questions!